MARCH 16,2015

The Metaphor of the Corporate Personhood! Watch now on Democracy Now


In his honour, let’s not forget the album that changed the hip-hop game!

March 15, 2015

What can I say about the Moving Castle Collective, can I even call them a collective, they’re more like a movement. All these artists are exceptional on their own, put them together they’re like 5 thousand goku’s on steroids, or better yet they’ve all reached super saiyon mode.  Members of this TRILL collective are: Robokid AObeats Manila Killa Hunt For the Breeze Vices Mark Johns WRLD Yung Wall St Dugong Jr. Kappa Kavi Jailo Ba-Kuura Dirty Chocolate Strehlow Bamf


MARCH 14,2015

Watch out electronic world, this 18 year old norwegian dj is about to explode. Every track Bearson seems to touch, is fire and other DJ’s are noticing, remixing his original work.  It’s hard to find a DJ who can put his own flare to a track, better yet produce a vibin new track all together.

Happy listening!

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